The Commons is an establishment shaped by ideals grounded in the cultural beliefs and practices of community building. Our vision is to build an inclusive space, one that welcomes both the cultural and social diversity that constitutes the fabric of the country we inhabit.
This idea is nurtured within a physical space overlooking the breath-taking views of Muizenberg beachfront, surrounded by its gallant mountains, and situated in the heart of a beach-side town home to a vibrant surfing community in the mother city of Cape Town. We pride ourselves as the community’s café, bar, vegan and vegetarian restaurant with locally sourced products, event centre and cultural hub.
As part of our commitment to sustaining essential cultural practices that strengthens our community’s growth, The Commons curates and hold space  for an eclectic array of events that stretches from live music performances to documentary/film screenings; poetry , accessible and engaging panel discussions on significant social and scientific topics; A co-working environment equipped with a fast WIFI;  a gallery-space curated with artworks by local artists and a wellness centre offering classes in self-care and mindfulness practices.
The Commons is a poem that is yet to be written. A story that evolves with the breaking of each day, peoples from all walks of life come in to engage and share with others, their experience of this multi-layered place.

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