The official is a dedicated platform designed to provide the beloved Admirers and Fans of the revered Legendary Songstress of South African Music; with a wealth of facts, insights and touching enlightenment of her life’s journey. also provides the general guidelines and information abo

ut the Miriam Makeba Foundation and the Miriam Makeba Estate.

Uppermost in the value equation of the renowned Dr. Miriam Makeba, was her dedication to giving back to the community at large in a tangible way, which feeds into the philosophy behind the creation of

A centerpiece of the Miriam Makeba Estate is the Makeba Centre For Girls Trust, now known as DR. MIRIAM MAKEBA - MAMA AFRICA CULTURAL & SOCIAL TRUST; her very first and original Trust created by its founder, Dr. Miriam Makeba in 1999; an initiative devoted to the holistic development of young destitute girls from at risk communities across South Africa.

This is the embodiment of the dreams, aspirations and plans of the late Dr. Miriam Makeba that has seen its maturation since she first launched it in 1999; an organic idea that is designed to flourish.

Based in Midrand, Johannesburg, the existing Makeba Centre For Girls (home), reminds us that creating a Legacy for positive change takes a combination of determination, spiritual commitment and visionary perspective; ingredients that exist in each one of us that is capable of making a difference in the lives of those that are in dire need. Or as “Mama Africa” so eloquently put it - "Honestly, I'm just a little old singer, I am not a politician, I'm not an economist or anything of the sort. I just wish that people could be soldiers. We can all be soldiers not to fight against each other but to fight against poverty, illnesses, disease, greed and all the ills of the world, you know just be an army for all goodness".

Amongst the features of is the Digital Museum. Comprised of an audio, visual treasure-trove of archives (predominantly from the Miriam Makeba Estate) of the late “Mama Africa”, which chronicle her performances, groundbreaking appearances across the world stage and include rare footage seldom seen by the public; containing content that can only be described as breathtaking.

The user friendly design of, takes the visitor through a journey into the life of one of the most powerful iconic personalities to come from South Africa, whose impact was felt globally on multiple levels, wherever and whenever Dr. Miriam Makeba performed, spoke or appeared. This facet of, allows Individuals, Organizations, from Civil Society the Public and Private sector to make direct contact with the Family; it's Directors and Trustees namely Mr. Nelson Lumumba Lee and Ms Zenzi Makeba Lee.

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