To say Penny Lane Studios in Wynberg is steeped in a rich history, is an understatement! Founder of Penny Lane Studios Aki Khan carried the seed for the establishment of a recording studio across 35 years. Seed in hand he traversed differing political landscapes and different venues but never let go of it nor lost sight of the value it could bring to both a time and a community. Perhaps it was the seed itself that would not let go of him. It knew too well the role it was destined to play, be it in Apartheid South Africa, post liberation South Africa and- remarkably- during the well disguised trojan horse attack on the globe, COVID-19.

Ours is an evolving story of a studio active in Apartheid in 1985 as a vehicle of change and transformation, a slumbering giant in post liberation South Africa and the enlivening of that giant to its full potential during COVID-19 April 2020.

It is tapestry woven by synchronous meetings, arrivals of architects who were to elevate the space and audio qualities of the studio into a different league and clients who added, and will continue to add, their particular hue to the evolving Penny Lane weave.

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  • July 19, 2024 10:14 am local time

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